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An Example Audit

See what we found while auditing our previous site.

We have maintained a very small site over the years. Consequently, our audit is uncommonly small, but does include three appendices that are redacted from the document that we are sharing. You can download to see image references to the appendices, or read the copy from the audit here.

Code Changes

Wordpress Migration
Agillian has decided to migrate it’s current website onto the WordPress content management platform. This migration will facilitate easier changes/update to the content. The user interface of WordPress is very user friendly and offers quick and easy to use options for managing all the content on your website.

A technical issue changed us toward had coded PHP.

URL Redirection
We recommend keeping the same URL structure while migrating to the WordPress installation. This will help to reduce the likelihood you will see a loss in traffic.

Due to the move away from Wordpress we also changed the redirect plan to accommodate a reduction in pages; instead of 1-to-1 redirection.

Remove of Page
The following screen shot shows a page that we feel should not be transitioned over to the new site. The content is no longer relevant to Agillian’s SEO audit or consulting services. Page:

Implemented as written.

On Page Copy

It is important for a company that provides Internet marketing consulting to create clear, relevant and compelling content that will benefit the clients looking for an effective partner to propel their business. Effective original content is one of the key components of Agillian’s overall online success.


  • Update the existing content to explain that Agillian understands each client’s situation to be unique. Linking to a Case Study or Example Audit will provide the client with a clear representation of what they can expect to gain from an SEO audit.
  • Add language to help clients understand that Agillian can create audits tailored to specific levels of a client’s management team.
  • Include content explaining that Agillian is able to provide client’s competitors analysis additionally.


  • We recommend adding content specifically summing up the history of Agillian. This content will help clients understand the point of view that Agillian brings to Internet marketing.
  • In addition to the company specific copy, we recommend that you add updated client information to Kevin Doory’s biography. Including a link to his LinkedIn profile is also a good idea.

Good News! We also added a third consultant.


  • Update testimonials to include the most recent snippets available. Make sure that mentions of Agillian clients throughout the website link back to this page.
  • This includes any logos as well. It is wise to link to any Case Studies related to specific clients here also.

We updated both the testimonials and the images logos of clients.


  • Removing the link to Agillian’s consulting services page will help to keep potential clients engaged on this page.
  • Replace the “Conversion Optimization” list (highlighted in the screenshot below) with a link to Carlos del Rio’s User Driven Change

These assets were rolled into homepage.


According to Google Webmaster Tools, the Agillian’s site currently has 18 pages in Google’s index. This is an excellent representation showing that all of the landing pages on the site are also receiving traffic.

Sitemaps and Robots.txt

An XML Sitemap is key to facilitating proper indexation by both Google and Bing. Currently Agillian only has an HTML Sitemap at Also because Agillian’s website was built on custom code it does not contain a robots.txt file.

The ultimate decision was to reduce the site to a size that does not warrant external XML Sitemap.

On Page Coding

Page Titles
Since the page title is arguably the most important piece of real estate as far as SEO goes, writing titles that are both optimized and compelling is critical to both ranking and click through rates. Agillian has optimized the page titles effectively.

Meta Descriptions
Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs. These short paragraphs are Agillian’s opportunity to advertise content to potential clients. It is important that the Meta description tags be longer than 70 characters, but not too long as then Google will truncate them and reduce their readability. Agillian has kept it’s Meta Descriptions within the recommended length.

In the new version of the site Agillian should forgo height and width tags to support a fully responsive web design.


  • Add references to SEO Audit services in the title and meta description tags
  • Add Meta Description to the Team page summarizing Agillian
  • Full list of Title and Meta information is provided in Appendix A

Site Speed

According to a survey performed by Kissmetrics 47% of consumers expect a website to load in under 2 seconds. This same survey found 40% people abandon a website if it takes more than 3seconds to load. Numbers like these reinforce the notion that site speed maters to businesses and consumers alike. Having pages that load even a second to long can result in a percentage of missed conversions.
site speed

Refer to Appendix B. The current site receives mixed results from site speed graders. Take advantage of minification and script order to create better perception of speed and accelerate Google download.

The goal of increasing site speed in this iteration has been balanced against producing a fully responsive design. We made several decisions that are explicitly against speed best practices, but still delivered a net increase in our perceived site speed.
site speed

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