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What is included in an audit?

Your audit will be tailored to the needs that we discuss in your initial call and e-mails.

Code Best Practice

  • On page code
  • Image use
  • Internal linking
  • Semantic mark-up
  • Written content
  • URL naming
  • Titles

Server Files

  • Htaccess Files
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • Site speed
  • Content delivery
  • Redirects
  • 404 handling


We will quality check to make sure your analytics are properly implemented.

People Focused

Every audit is designed to be understandable for all members of your team, and focused on serving the needs of your customers.

We charge $3,500 for a review of a single domain. The delivered review is generally 10-20 pages including charts and includes at least 1-hour of phone support to answer questions and help solve any technical issues that arise in implementation.

Site audits are intended to provide you an understanding of your current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. A complete site review results in a list of goals and resources to remedy weaknesses and capitalize on your opportunities.

Generally we will focus on SEO, Competitor Sites, or Conversion. We are happy tailor review to include the topics that are most important to your current needs.

The Importance of Conversion Rate

You want to turn visitors into customers.

Conversion = Money

Conversion rate optimization is any of a variety of campaigns that seek to improve your users’ engagement in the important actions on your website.

Start Where You Can

Conversion optimization can be as small as assessing and refining a single page, often called landing page optimization, but can also be applied to a traffic channel, like Pay Per Click, or an entire website.

Widen Your Funnel

Each step of your conversion funnel has opportunity for improvement. Agillian works to find a middle between data and human drive when testing your website experience.

SEO Optimized

Because we have been at this a long time we can help you do tests that don't hurt your search ranking.

Meet Our Consulting Team

Carlos del Rio

Carlos del Rio

Carlos started Agillian in 2007 to offer consulting on how the web can be used to connect with customers. He has 10-years of experience designing and analyzing web strategy and implementation for a variety of companies ranging from small businesses to world-leading companies like Otis Spunkmeyer and Viz Media. He believes that proper use of traffic analysis and breaking down barriers between web-involved departments is fundamental for businesses to succeed in a web driven economy. Carlos has spoken at many conferences, including SMX Advanced.

Co-Author of:

Why Agillian

Agillian helps you to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers. Beyond just looking at how you can drive a visitor to your site we focus on how you can communicate with customers. Whether you need to improve your technical SEO, improve conversion funnel, or retool your customer outreach we will help you create marketing with a goal.

The Internet is still subject to the laws of marketing. While some approaches abandon these laws in favor of the latest gimmick, Agillian stays true to the central truth of marketing—speak to the people who are listening. Use code to speak to search engines and use clear copy to speak with and engage people.

Agillian will lead your search for success online. Through clear language and comprehensive technical frameworks we will empower you to understand and succeed with your online goals. We will get you started with actions that make a difference and be available to help you as Google and your customers evolve.


We offer site audits or hourly consulting.

Please e-mail for example audits or reviews.

  • One Hour Consult

    • Ask questions on any subject
    • Includes 1-hour on Phone, Skype, etc.
    • Available on short notice
    • We are happy to sign NDA
  • Landing Page Review

    • Documentation with pictures, notation, and testing hypotheses
    • Includes 1-hour on Phone, Skype, etc.
    • We are happy to sign NDA

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A decade of experience driving traffic and sales.

How can we help you?

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